2004  69.4 Miles    9020 Vertical Feet  
 Jan 11 Cabin Creek Around the loop south of I-90, to Crystal Springs Sno-park and back, then part way up to Amabilis Mountain (500') 5.0 miles  
 Feb 1 Amabilis Mountain  From Cabin Creek Sno-park up to Amabilis Mountain ridge on the northern half of the Amabilis Mountain Loop (2340') 8.0 miles  
 Feb 15 Kendall Peak Lakes (2040') 7.4 miles  
 Mar 20 Amabilis Mountain  From Cabin Creek Sno-park went around the Amabilis Mountain Loop (2340') 12.0 miles  
 Mar 28 Kendall Knob Up to the saddle and out to the Knob (1800') 7.5 miles  
 Sep  Kalalau Trail    4.5 miles  
 Sep Naulolo Trail    12.0 miles  
 Sep Iki Crater      3.0 miles  
 Sep Petroglyphs      2.0 miles  
 Nov 14 Kendall Katwalk   Almost to the Katwalk (2700' in, 300' out) 10.0 miles  
 2003  268.0 Miles Vertical Feet  
Jan 5 Kendall Peak Lakes 2340' 8.4 miles


Feb 23 Kendall Peak Lakes 2340' 8.4 miles


Mar 29 Kendall Peak Lakes 2340' 8.4 miles


May 11 Goblin Valley Goblin Valley S.P. 3.0 miles
May 12 Little Wildhorse and Bell Canyons Goblin Valley S.P. 8.5 miles
May 14 Double-O and Dark Angel Arches N.P. 8.2 miles
May 15 Upheaval Dome Overlook and Delicate Arch Canyonlands N.P. and Arches N.P. 6.0 miles
May 16 Big Spring and Squaw Canyon Loop Canyonlands N.P.- Needles 7.5 miles
May 17 Chesler Park Canyonlands N.P. Needles 11.0 miles
May 19 Cathedral Valley, Cassidy Arch, The Tanks Capitol Reef N.P. - a great 60 mile dirt road loop with a bit of incidental hiking, then hiking 7.0 miles
May 20 Upper and Lower Calf Creek Falls West of Highway 12 between Boulder and Escalante (100' and 800') 7.5 miles
May 21 Fairyland Loop     8.0 miles
May 22 Sunrise Point to Bryce Point and return   Sunrise Point via Queen's Garden Trail, up SW Navajo Loop down NE Navajo Loop, connector to east side half of Peek-a-boo Loop, up to Bryce Point, back along west side Peek-a-boo Loop, connector, back to Sunrise Point via Queen's Garden 10.0 miles
May 23 Bryce and Zion Bryce Point to Hat Shop and return at Bryce (x'), and Watchman Trail at Zion (770') 6.7 miles
May 24 Observation Point East Rim of Zion (2150') 8.0 miles
May 25 Refrigerator Canyon and up the Virgin River 4 mi + 5 mi 9.0 miles
July 6 Kendall Katwalk Up the PCT to the Katwalk and a ways beyond - (2700' in / 300' out) 12.0 miles
July 17 Lake Ann Starting at Rainy Pass - 3/4 of the way ccw around loop 4.5 miles
July 18 Slate Peak and Rainy Pass Up Slate Peak, then on PCT to Rainy Pass 8.0 miles
July 19 Cutthroat Pass Starting at Rainy Pass - up to and a ways past Cutthroat Pass 8.0 miles
Aug 16 Mt. Rainier Mowich Lake to Spray Park and Spur toward Observation Point 9.0 miles
Aug 22-24 North Cascades Seven Pass Loop 27.0 miles
Aug 31 - Sep 5 Mt. Hood Counter-clockwise Circumambulation 43.0 miles
Dec 25 Loup Loup Snowmobile Trail at Loup Loup North Sno-park, out and back 9.0 miles
Dec 26 Freestone Inn and Sun Mountain Aspen Loop at Freestone Inn (boring); Sun Mountain Lodge, Moose Trail, Black Bear Trail, View Ridge Trail, Horse Trail back to the Lodge 4.1 miles
Dec 27 Sun Mountain Sun Mountain Lodge, View Ridge Trail, Hough Homestead, Kraule Trail back to the Lodge; Lakeview Trail to Patterson Lake Trail to end of the lake, back to the Lodge 10.8 miles
Dec 28 Lake Wenatchee  Part of the Flying Loop (boring) then around the See-and-Ski Loop 7.0 miles
 2002 224.0 Miles Vertical Feet  
Feb 9 Lake Kelcema   5
Feb 17 Lake Wenatchee    5
Mar 10 Glacier Lake Trail    6
Mar 17 Glacier Lake Trail    6
Mar 31 Cabin Creek   4
May 5 Tower and Delicate Arches   6.4
May 6 Down to Upheaval Dome   7.2 miles
May 7 Up from Upheaval Dome   8.7 miles
May 10 Chesler Park   9.0 miles
May 14 Natural Bridges    
May 15 Grand Wash, Chimney Rock, Spring Canyon    
May 16 Navajo Knob    
May 17 Cohab Canyon and Golden Throne    
July 7 Surprise Lake   7.5 miles
July 20 Goat Lake (1300') 9.0 miles
July 28 Mt. Rainier Spray Park 8.5 miles
Aug 3 Mt. Rainier Paradise 6.0 miles
Aug 10 Sauk Mountain (1200') 4.2 miles
Aug 18 Lakes Janus and Valhalla From FR 7600 to Union Gap to Lake Janus to Lake Valhalla and back to FR 7600 8.0 miles
Sep 21 Multnomah Falls Up and down 2.5 miles
Sep 22 Paradise Park Mt. Hood - Timberline Lodge to Paradise Park and return 9.0 miles
Sep 23 Heather Canyon Mt. Hood - Timberline Lodge to the edge of Heather Canyon and return 13.0 miles
Sep 26 Tam Ridge Three Creek Lake to Broken Top and return 8.5 miles
Sep 27 Newberry Volcanic Monument Big Obsidian Flow Loop, Rim Trail, Falls Trail 5.0 miles
Sep 28 Paradise Park Mt. Hood - Timberline Lodge to Paradise Park and return 10.4 miles
Oct 6 Surprise and Glacier Lakes "Here comes the sun" 9.0 miles
Oct 21 Chiricahua Echo Park Loop from Echo Canyon View Point, and then up to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain for sunset 5.1 miles
Oct 22 Chiricahua NP van up to Massai Point, then hiked to Inspiration Point (!) then around Heart of the Rocks Loop then down to the Visitor Center 8.4 miles
Oct 24 Havasupai Havasupai Hilltop to Supai Campground 10.0 miles
Oct 25 Havasupai Supai Campground to Mooney Falls 2.0 miles
Oct 26 Havasupai Supai Campground to Hilltop 10.0 miles
Dec 6 Lake Valhalla From FR 7600 to Union Gap to Lake Valhalla and back 4.0 miles
Dec 7 Washington Pass  Walked around west of the Washington Pass View Point and north of Highway 20 5.0 miles
Dec 8 Mission Ridge Area Walked along a Forest Service road down the hill between Mission Ridge and Wenatchee 3.0 miles
Dec 9 Fourth of July Trail and Icicle Creek Loop Up and back down Fourth of July Trail (3.5 miles) and around the Icicle Gorge Loop Trail (3.0 miles) 6.5 miles
Dec 29 Lake Wenatchee and White River  Wandered around the Lake Wenatchee State Park then up the mountain above the White River 6.0 miles
2001 Miles Vertical Feet  
Nov 10-19 Grand Canyon