Desolation Sound -- July 10-18, 2005

  This voyage is rated 5 mainsails out of 5 on the Voyage Mainsail-o-meter.

Now here's a real novelty - a retail store that actually lets customers in for free!

Jack looks down his nose - highly atypical.

This is more like it - a happy, smiling Cap'n Jack.

The Cap'n, fittingly enough, updates the Cap'n's Logbook.

Our Cap'n of many hats pulls biscuit baking duty, and does it well.

... cuz otherwise you'll have a sinking head to contend with.

Sue and Jack take a quick plunge from awake and engaged...

to asleep and bored, all within a matter of seconds.

While we were challenged just getting into and out of our dingy, these kids had to cruise by and rub our noses in it.  Youth is truly wasted on the young.

We stopped by Birch Bay to half-heartedly look at some pieces of property.  All too expensive - should have been looking here 20 years ago.

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