Nothing -- January 9, 2005

This snowshoe non-expedition is rated 0 high-tech $60.00 polycarbonate avalanche shovels out of 5 on the Snowshoe Expedition Shovel-o-meter.

After a couple of inches of snow Friday night, then the famous "Quick Fix" to the garage door opener that went on till after midnight (looks like we need a new drive sprocket), and a few more inches of snow overnight on top of the ice already on the roads Saturday night, it was late to bed and early to rise to meet Rick at the North Bend Factory Outlet Sunday at 8:00 freeking AM in the morning for a day of snowshoeing.  We had hoped for a loop to the top of Amabilis Mountain, or, given the "Considerable" avalanche danger (per our friends at the Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center), maybe up to Commonwealth Basin.  Thus it was that we (less than eagerly) got up at 6:15, and proceeded to do the usual morning stuff and then just as we were heading out of the house, and with Sue yet again suggesting quite strongly that it was "too dark and cold and let's just forget the whole deal and go back to bed", just then the phone rang.  Not at all surprisingly it was Rick, calling to bug out of this particular showshoe adventure - he claimed that he had a note from his wife, Laurie, excusing him for the day.  In fact, she later sent us a rather indignant e-mail strongly chastising us for asking if perhaps we could maybe see this note for ourselves please, just to be sure.  It should be mentioned that we never did see the actual note.  Hmmm...

In any case, Sue smiled happily and was soon back in bed and sound asleep, dreaming, no doubt, about not snowshoeing.

It's just too freeking
snowy, icy, dark and cold,
to go anywhere!

We'll try it again next weekend...

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