Washington Cascades Trip -- December 23-27, 2004

This Snowshoe Expedition is rated 5 high-tech $60.00 polycarbonate avalanche shovels out of 5 on the Snowshoe Expedition Shovel-o-meter.


We came to a horse corral and loading ramp, and decided (actually one of us decided) that it kind of looked like a ski jump sort of a thing, so Sue was appointed to create a new sport - snowshoe jumping.  She headed up the ramp at a good clip and got to the end expecting to trace a graceful parabolic path back to earth, but the forces were not with her, and after waiting, teetering at the edge of the ramp, for several minutes, it became apparent that "it just wasn't gonna happen".  She backed down dejectedly, and we continued on our way, but we were soon distracted by a structure hidden in the trees.

We decided to investigate further, but soon discovered that it really wasn't all that inviting...

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