Kendall Peak Lakes -- November 21, 2004

This hike is rated 4 boots out of 5 on the Hiking Boot-o-meter, cuz they can't all be 5's now, can they?

Just like last Sunday, we had arranged to meet old hiking buddy Rick at the Factory Outlet in North Bend at 8:00 on this crisp Sunday morning.  The weather conditions improved as we went east, starting with clouds and fog at home, then thin high clouds along I-90, and finally clear and sunny toward the east as we arrived in North Bend. We congratulated ourselves as we pulled off of I-90 at 7:46 and did our usual gas station breakfast, then headed across the street to the Outlet, arriving at 7:59 sharp, and continued to congratulate ourselves when it became apparent that we had once again beaten Rick to the Outlet parking lot!  He arrived a scant minute or two later, and we all headed up into the mountains, optimistically hoping for a day of sunny weather, jumped off I-90, and parked at the trailhead on the north side of the freeway, right off of Exit 54, just past the Snoqualmie Pass summit.

Somebody get this guy a new pair of gloves!

8:45 PM  - 4:15 PM

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