Amabilis Mountain -- March 20, 2004

This snowshoe expedition is rated 5 high-tech $60.00 polycarbonate avalanche shovels out of 5 on the Snowshoe Expedition Shovel-o-meter.

We took time out of our busy showshoeing day to invent a brand new sport: Figure Snowshoeing.  Here, furthest from the camera, we see the crisp lines and exacting proportions of a classic Figure-8, while in the foreground we are treated to an assortment of intricately connected loops.  The judges rightfully awarded this performance a round of solid 5.9's, while the aesthetically astute members of the audience clamored raucously for more. 

A geometrically interesting bunch of tree branches.

To celebrate yet another good day of showshoeing, we stopped in at the Tres Hermanos Mexican Restaurant in Redmond on the way home for the usual gut bomb.

The red X's mark the avalanche danger areas - best to go around the loop in a counter-clockwise direction and get past these areas as early as possible in the morning before things let loose.

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