Thailand -- January, 2003

Sue headed off for an overdue family visit to Thailand - without the digital camera.

The spouse was invited to stay home and did so - with the digital camera.

Herewith we present Sue's trip -  from the "stay at home" perspective.

Well, someone's gotta do it.  The look says it all...

"M'm! M'm! Good!"  Whatever it is.

Someone's gotta do this too.

The big shopping spree of the trip involved the on-going search for the Perfect Mouse.  Sadly, this turned out not to be the Perfect Mouse - it was duly escorted back to CompUSA the next day.

The green stuff was good, whatever it was.

Here we witness "The Birth of a Meal"

Fortunately, it tastes better than it looks.  Which may not be saying a whole lot...

It was decided that rather than spend time and energy just moping around the house, everyone would be better served if the time and energy was spent cleaning up the house while moping.

The Big Project of the trip was going through a grand total of 112 slide carousels...

...starting with the ones hauled up from California that go back to the late 1940's and 1950's.

Then on to the slides from 1992 to 2001 (when the digital camera finally made its appearance and slides became a thing of the past, not a day too soon) that were never put into carousels in the first place.  The worst part was trying to piece together the chronology of dimly remembered trips taken long, long ago.  Let's see - 112 carousels at 140 slides per carousel = 15,680 slides.  No wonder it took so long.

It went on for days and days, until finally all the stinkers, duplicates, and "never should have been taken in the first place" slides were weeded out, everything was in chronological order, and the carousels were clearly labeled.

Oops - 49 previously undiscovered boxes of slides buried at the bottom of the spare bedroom closet.  The May 1992 trip to the southwest and the September 1992 trip to Death Valley, Sequoia, and Yosemite.  Oh well, that's only another 1,764 slides to go through someday.

The Back Office before the big cleanup.

The Back Office after the big cleanup.

Heading to the computer recycling place.  It really hurt to surplus those 8088's and 80286's and TTL monochrome monitors.  But our computer museum is still well supplied - we still have 18 computers, much to Sue's chagrin.

Getting started on the Front Office - it's a shame that 5-1/4" DOS 2.1 floppies aren't worth anything.

The Front Office during the big cleanup - it got worse before it got better.

The Front Office after the big cleanup.

A number of boxes still unopened since moving from Woodinville to Redmond over 4 years ago were discovered and their contents quickly, and often unmercifully, dispositioned.

Brutus and the Happy Guy contentedly survey their neat and orderly realm.

Seen here are some of the tea pots in our extensive collection of Bauer Aladdin Ringware flying in close formation at full speed atop Helen's piano.  Unfortunately, the speedlines don't seem to show up too well with the digital camera.

The world traveler returns to a surprisingly and unexpectedly clean house...

...but knows that she has a date with destiny in her somewhat disorderly walk-in closet.  Everything in its time.

Hey, this is more like it.  All is again well on 142nd Street.

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