Phoenix, Tucson, Chiricahua, Havasupai  - October 19-27, 2002

As impossible as it might seem, this hike is rated 6 Lee's out of a possible maximum of 5 on the Lee-o-meter.

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

The Music Hall at Tucson Convention Center - eagerly awaiting the start of Verdi's La Traviata with the Twins, who were attending their first opera

A cactus flower in the garden at Tucson Convention Center

Chiricahua (cheer-a-chaw-wa) National Monument


This is the Black Tail rattle snake that rattled at Sue

Roanoke sizes up the competition and loses to the 'Duck on the Rock' at Chiricahua

Best meal of the trip - this Mexican joint in Willcox had a salsa bar instead of a salad bar

Best sign of the trip - World's Largest Kokopelli, in front of the Krazy Kokopelli Trading Post in Verde Valley, is about to step on Sue

Second best sign of the trip - a very confused lobster in Flagstaff tries to get romantically involved with an equally confused Ford pickup truck

The mob wandering aimlessly

The mob all lined up neatly

The southern suburbs of Supai

Best cat of the trip

The Bungee Babes

Merle does the dishes

Havasu Falls

Inside one of the travertine 'caves' beside Havasu Falls

Travertine terraces near the camp site

Mooney Falls

Jack 'Tarzan' Hutteball laughs (albeit briefly) in the face of gravity

The climb back up the cliff from the bottom of Mooney Falls

Picnic table surgery on Merle's hand after his apparent close encounter with a scorpion...


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