Lake Janus  and Lake Valhalla  -- August 8, 2002

This hike is rated 5 boots out of 5 on the Hiking Boot-o-meter.

Up to Stevens Pass on Highway 2, after a quick trip back to the house to grab the camera, off on Smith Brook Road (FR 6700), and then a few dusty miles to the  trailhead.  First to Lake Janus then to Lake Valhalla - a most pleasant 11 mile day, if one overlooks the swarms of biting bugs, and the trip back to the trailhead to retrieve the camera that was left sitting on a rock as we departed the trailhead, and was, most fortunately, waiting for us when we returned for it.

One of the few non-biting bugs we encountered.

The DEET Babe makes an appearance.

Water Lillies in Lake Janus.

The ladies yucking it up...

Sharing our lunch with the bugs.

The lunchtime view.

Mountain Man Jack grows restless - what did he have for lunch???

Fortunately not the trail.

Finally over the ridge - looking down at Lake Valhalla.

The backdrop to the east of the lake.

Assorted wildlife hiding in the trees.

The token artsy-fartsy picture.

Heading back up to the ridge and to the car.

But first a few more shots of the lake...

Sehr schoen...

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