Bellingham to Anacortes -- July 21, 2002

  This voyage is rated 5 mainsails out of 5 on the Voyage Mainsail-o-meter.

Jack and Ruth had sailed up to Bellingham from Anacortes for the Catalina owners gathering on Saturday and spent the night on the boat, but Ruth had a calligraphy meeting to go to on Sunday, so we drove their Honda up to Bellingham early, handed it over to Ruth who took off for her meeting, leaving us to sail back to Anacortes with Capt'n Jack.

Sue was happy to take the helm...

...while Jack worked on getting the GPS and knotmeter to agree on boat speed.

We had to motor much of the way, but did catch a nice breeze off Cypress Island and flirted with an honest 8 knots for a while.

We all slopped on the sun screen, but Jack got a bit carried away with it.

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